As the largest Tilapia farmer in Africa, Lake Harvest is committed to providing sustainably reared, high quality and great tasting fish.

  • We breed from indigenous African fish
  • We grow our fish in floating cages in large reservoirs and lakes
  • We feed our fish with natural locally grown cereals
  • We do not use antibiotics or any other additives
  • We operate to the highest world class standards
  • We sell fresh and frozen fish across sub Saharan Africa

Our fish is African bred and reared – taste the difference


``it has bright and clear eyes, it is shiny, it smells of clean water, it has a delicate flavour and a juicy texture``

About Us

Our Farms

Lake Kariba

Located in Zimbabwe along the shores of Lake Kariba, it is the largest tilapia farm in Africa. Lake Kariba, fed from the spectacular Zambezi River, has exceptional water quality and is a natural habitat for tilapia.

Lake Kariba

Located in Zambia, near Siavonga on Lake Kariba, within 15 kilometres of Lake Harvest Zimbabwe. Established in 2012, the farm currently produces 2,000 tons and is expected to grow to 10,000 tons.

Lake Victoria

Located at the Source of the Nile close to Jinja, Uganda on Lake Victoria, the business now produces 1,000 tons per year and is now expanding to become an industrial-scale, fully integrated tilapia farm

Our Products