About Us – Malawi

Lake Harvest Malawi Ltd (LHM)

Lake Harvest Malawi Ltd (LHM) is part of the Lake Harvest Group and is primarily engaged in the marketing and distribution of fresh and frozen tilapia fish products to wholesalers, retailers and individuals at affordable prices, all under the Lake Harvest brand. LHM also distributes frozen horse mackerel sourced from its suppliers in Namibia. The company prides on a network of own shops and depots across Malawi and is well connected to several other fish distributors and retailers within the country’s major cities and towns.

Lake Harvest Malawi is the sole national distributor of all Lake Harvest branded products produced and imported from its farms in Zimbabwe and Zambia. We have purpose built refrigerated trucks for regular distribution within Southern Africa and beyond.

Our vision
Our vision is to be a national leader in consistently supplying the Malawian market with sustainably produced, high quality tilapia products (as well as horse mackerel products) at affordable prices, thus contributing to food and nutrition security for Malawian populace.

Why our fish?
Our tilapia is sustainably produced to international standards; handled, processed and marketed within high quality facilities and conditions. Our products and selling facilities comply with the Malawi Bureau of Standards regime. The horse mackerel we distribute is sourced from accredited suppliers in Namibia. All our products are well presented, packaged and sold at affordable prices.

Our Products

The premium quality of product you receive begins the moment our fish are harvested. A careful fish grading system enables us to bring you a wholesome product that our “brand name” has always represented. Our main focus is not on volume, but quality. Past experience has shown us that the presence of quality control and traceability systems throughout the supply chain will help guarantee our customers a desirable and safe product.

LHM presently distributes two categories of product:


Our Fresh Whole Round tilapia is harvested directly from Lake Kariba (both Zimbabwe and Zambia) and brought to our customers “Fresh and Flapping” on ice.


WHOLE GUTTED – For the on the go customer or catering units who prefer the clean gutted fish, however the scales are kept on to lock in the taste as well as for handling purposes

WHOLE ROUND – comes with guts and scales


    • Frozen Horse Mackerel
    • Kapenta – we also supply dried kapenta produced locally as well as imported