About Us – Zambia

Lake Kariba Harvest Commercial ltd (LKHCL)

Lake Kariba Harvest Commercial ltd (LKHCL) is part of the Lake Harvest Group and is engaged in processing, distribution and marketing of assorted fresh and frozen Fish products to wholesalers, retailers and individuals at affordable prices all under the Lake Harvest brand.

LKHCL also distributes Hungarian Sausages, Kapenta ,Buka Buka fish and horse Mackerel for both retailers and wholesalers through their vast network of own shops and agencies across Zambia.

LKHCL is the sole distributor of all lake harvest products in Zambia and also distributes tilapia from its own farm (Kariba harvest limited) situated in Siavonga. We have a dedicated fleet of refrigerated trucks delivering product intercity as well as local deliveries within the different towns in the Country.

Our vision
As the largest tilapia producer in Africa, lake harvest is committed to providing a sustainable reared fish and strive to be a leader in social, commercial and environmental terms. We believe that our placement in Lake Kariba enables us to be the blueprint for fresh water aquaculture. We also believe that people and the animals should be treated with dignity and respect and our company polices revolve around this philosophy.

Why our fish?
Our tilapia is native only to Africa. Known as Nile Tilapia or Oreochromis niloticus, it is a large genus in the cichlid family (cichlidae). Tilapia is a white, delicate freshwater fish that is an excellent substitute for the traditional fish of cod, haddock, Pollock and hake.

Our Products

The premium quality you receive begins the moment our fish are caught. A careful fish grading system, brings us the wholesome product that our name brands have come to represent. Our focus is not volume, but quality. Past experience has shown that a quality control presence and traceability throughout the value chain will help guarantee our customers a desirable and safe product. Lake Kariba Harvest Commercial Limited processes two categories of product and these are Frozen and Fresh product


Our Fresh Whole Round is harvested directly from lake Kariba and brought to our consumers “Fresh and Flapping” on ice and delivered to your doorstep the following morning


WHOLE GUTTED – For the consumer who wants his fish already cleaned and ready for the pot. The scales are however kept on lock in the taste

WHOLE ROUND- for those staying far away from the source of the fish and would like to keep their fish frozen for a long time . This product comes in already frozen ,guts in to maintain the fish taste