About Us – Zimbabwe

Lake Harvest produces high quality tilapia for the southern African and export markets

The first farm was established on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe in 1996 and there are now also farms on the Zambian side of Lake Kariba since 2012 and on Lake Victoria in Uganda since 2005. Lake Harvest is the largest tilapia farming operation in Africa.

The business has been successfully producing, harvesting and selling tilapia for nearly 20 years. The flagship farm in Zimbabwe, which is the largest fish farm in Africa, is a fully integrated business with its own feed mill, hatchery, lake-based cage farming, processing plant, refrigerated freight and distribution outlets.

Our farms in Zambia and Uganda are modelled on the same lines as the Zimbabwe farm and will also become vertically integrated.

We sell both fresh and frozen fish products to the African markets of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, DRC, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda; we also export product to Europe and the Middle East.

Lake Harvest has the largest hatchery in the region, producing high quality fry, developed from indigenous African brood stock, for our own use and for sale to small scale fish farmers.

Lake Harvest’s Zimbabwean production and processing facilities meet the strict regulations required by European Union legislation, and its Zimbabwe operation is the first tilapia farm in Africa to receive GLOBAL GAP certification, a certification of best health and safety standards in farm raised fish to confirm adherence to world class standards in raising and processing our fish.

Lake Harvest offers unrivaled traceability and consistent quality.  We offer a fish that has been fed no additives, preservatives, GMOs or antibiotics. Tilapia, we believe, is the fish of the future and Lake Harvest will endeavor to help to ensure its success as a sustainably farmed, high quality and nutritious fish for generations to come.

The welfare of our fish is at the core of our business. We take pride in the consistently high quality of our products and work hard to ensure best practices across the business.

In addition to its 1000 plus employees, the Lake Harvest Group indirectly supports many thousands of small maize and soya farmers and has assisted many hundreds of people, particularly women (referred to as city ladies in Zambia), to develop trading businesses selling Lake Harvest fish.

Lake Harvest believes that the development of high-quality, large-scale operations, governed in a transparent manner, will have a lasting developmental impact in the communities in which it operates. LHA has a strong emphasis on health and safety, sustainability and community projects, the business supports community orphanages, hospitals and schools.

Our Distribution

Lake Harvest Zimbabwe has a growing network of more than 30 branded depots and shops located in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa selling wholesale and retail products. In addition Lake Harvest fish is distributed through a number of wholesalers and retailers.

The development of this network is a key element of our strategy to become a specialist distributor of fresh and frozen products across sub Saharan Africa. We have started to distribute products on behalf of other fish and protein producers.

The business has a fleet of refrigerated trucks allowing us to deliver fresh and frozen fish from the farm to our customers across the region.


We recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment. As a socially responsible company, we endeavor to minimize this impact as much as possible. Before we began our business we undertook an environmental impact assessment with independent professionals. This provides the baseline from which we can assess the changes our business has on the environment.

A full environmental audit is carried out every six months by independent consultants. These audits demonstrate to the relevant authorities that we are a responsible business; that we are maintaining this precious environment.

Health & Safety

Lake Harvest operates a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system in its factory and feed plant operations. This is critical for the business to deliver a healthy and safe product to our valued consumer.

Ensuring the health and safety of our employees and customers is a major focus for management.


The business has for many years managed a number of CSR programmes which support our staff and the local community in education, healthcare, sport and infrastructure support. Recently, this has included facilitating a residential stands purchase program through a local bank for long serving employees so that employees can build their own houses in Kariba.

Support for fish farmers

Lake Harvest’s Zimbabwe hatchery, which is the largest in the region, was developed in 1997 producing high quality tilapia fry. Now in their tenth generation, these fry have performed well in African conditions. In 2005, we established our hatchery in Uganda. Overall our hatcheries produce around 100 million fry annually.

We now support the development of small scale aquaculture by selling fry to fish farmers across sub Saharan Africa.


Lake Harvest is an African Century Foods company, part of African Century Group, an investment group with interests in foods, financial services and real estate.

For more information please visit http://www.africancentury.com