Regional Branches

Lake Kariba – Zimbabwe

Located in Zimbabwe along the shores of Lake Kariba, it is the largest tilapia farm in Africa. Lake Kariba, fed from the spectacular Zambezi River, has exceptional water quality and is a natural habitat for tilapia.

The farm is fully integrated with its own feed mill, hatchery, lake-based cage farming, processing plant, refrigerated freight, distribution depots and shops.

The business currently produces 10,000 tonnes of fish per annum (about 20 million fish) and expects to grow to produce 20,000 tonnes. Lake Harvest Zimbabwe employs circa 600 people and is the second biggest employer in the Kariba region.

Lake Kariba Harvest Commercial limited

Located in Zambia, near Siavonga on Lake Kariba, within 15 kilometres of Lake Harvest Zimbabwe. Established in 2012, the farm currently produces 2,000 tons and is expected to grow to 10,000 tons.

The business has its own lake-based cage farming operation and a processing facility. The farm is supported by Lake Harvest Zimbabwe’s hatchery and distribution outlets.

The business is becoming a significant employer in Zambia with over 100 employees.

Lake Victoria – Uganda

Located at the Source of the Nile close to Jinja, Uganda on Lake Victoria. Established in 2005, the business now produces 1,000 tons per year and is now expanding to become an industrial-scale, fully integrated tilapia farm with a planned production of 10.000 tons per year.

The business distributes Tilapia in Uganda, Rwanda. Kenya, South Sudan and the eastern DRC.

The business employs more than 100 people.

Lake Harvest has many community schemes and the business sells high quality selectively-bred fry to small scale farmers, as well as providing training and advice.

Lake Harvest Malawi Limited

Lake Harvest Malawi Ltd (LHM) is part of the Lake Harvest Group and is primarily engaged in the marketing and distribution of fresh and frozen tilapia fish products to wholesalers, retailers and individuals at affordable prices, all under the Lake Harvest brand.

LHM also distributes frozen horse mackerel sourced from its suppliers in Namibia. The company prides on a network of own shops and depots across Malawi and is well connected to several other fish distributors and retailers within the country’s major cities and towns.

Lake Harvest Malawi is the sole national distributor of all Lake Harvest branded products produced and imported from its farms in Zimbabwe and Zambia. We have purpose built refrigerated trucks for regular distribution within Southern Africa and beyond.